Cross Border Injuries

We work with you , not insurance companies!

A successful legal action will affirm the liability of the defendant(s) and establish that the injuries sustained are a result of their fault. When you engage a lawyer and initiate your case, the usual procedure involves the lawyer reaching out to the defendant’s insurance company to notify them of the claim.

At Cross Border Injuries, we maintain close ties with your network of medical professionals and introduce you to recommended professionals. Our lawyers actively support your recovery while safeguarding your legal interests. Our primary objective is to offer top-notch representation in Canada, and the United States, ensuring the protection of our clients’ legal rights at all costs and securing the best possible outcome for the injured party. Dealing with insurance claims can be time-consuming and stressful, and our mission is to make the process as manageable as possible while maximizing your compensation. Unlike law firms that represent both plaintiffs and insurance companies, we exclusively advocate for injured individuals and strive to level the playing field.

We specialize in representing those with serious injuries, handling even the most severe catastrophic cases. Our scope includes cases involving brain injuries, spinal injuries, fractures, and psychological injuries, addressing complex issues on behalf of our clients. Personal injury law in Canada is renowned for its complexity, but assisting seriously injured accident victims is our forte. Regardless of the case’s complexity, we operate on a contingency basis, meaning we only charge a fee if we achieve a successful settlement or trial outcome.

Passionate about our work, we view each case as more than just a file but as a unique individual facing challenging circumstances. We ensure our clients receive the necessary medical care and attention while working towards a resolution that secures fair compensation.

Whether you’ve experienced a car accident or suffered harm in another way, you deserve the advocacy of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Our service provides free consultations, allowing you to meet our lawyers and determine if we’re the right fit for you. We believe that clients should have the opportunity to consult with multiple lawyers before making a commitment. Recognizing the difficulty of coping with a serious injury, especially following a motor vehicle accident or similar incident, we strive to make the legal process seamless for our clients. This way, they can focus on recovery while leaving the legal complexities to us.